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Full Backups

BackupHamster Feature

Notion has a built-in feature that lets you export your whole workspace. You can choose to export your data in Markdown, PDF, or HTML. But be cautious – depending on what you select, different data is exported. Exporting your workspace with Notion’s built-in feature introduces data loss. If you want to migrate your data to another solution or have a full backup in place just in case, this solution is not for you.

Full backups are indispensable for comprehensive data protection. Here’s why:


  1. Complete Data Capture: Full backups capture all data, leaving no room for omissions, ensuring that no critical information is left unprotected. BackupHamster downloads for you every possible data point possible. Since Notion does not grant access to every resource on its side, we cannot guarantee that some information is missing in the backups. If you miss something, email us, and we will find a solution.
  2. Simplified Recovery: In case of data loss or disaster, full backups facilitate faster and simpler recovery processes, reducing downtime.
  3. Independence: Full backups are independent of previous backup sets, making them more reliable and resilient in case of corruption or data integrity issues in incremental or differential backups.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that all your data is fully backed up provides peace of mind, eliminating concerns about data loss.
  5. Efficiency: While they require more storage space, full backups can be more time-efficient than other backup types when restoring data.

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