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Save the work of a lifetime
in just 5 minutes

You put a lot of work into creating and maintaining your second brain like Notion. With our automated backup solution, you can prevent losing your hard work and know-how.


Horror stories

Now and then, you always hear a horror story of someone who has lost his data. Be it due to self-made errors or external factors. Now imagine if you permanently lose only half of your pages or databases created in Notion. The data loss would already mean the loss of countless hours of work and knowledge – gone in seconds. Additionally, you may be legally obligated to save and archive the data, and a loss would have severe consequences.

“I once used a software that should have cleaned up my Google Drive and instead deleted two thousand files permanently.”


BackupHamster Founder

Missing data in Notion Exports

  • Page Permissions
  • Database column settings  (formulas, relationships etc.)
  • Linked Blocks (images, tweets etc.)
  • Users & Permissions
  • General settings
  • And maybe more? (Unknown data loss)

Why BackupHamster?

BackupHamster is your expert regarding storing data professionally. Because he does it day in and day out, he knows where he has to put his attention.

For example, On the internet, some scripts “backup” your notion workspace. Unfortunately, these scripts are unreliable or do not back up all your data.

BackupHamster checks regularly if the backups contain all the data and acts accordingly.


Professional Backups

Automated Backups

You can concentrate on building your second brain. We do the boring part. Read more

Health Checks & Alerts

Our intelligent health checks and alerts notify you if something goes sideways. Read more

Full Backup*

We back up your Notion workspaces professionally by adding the missing data.
* See FAQ or Read more


BackupHamster Cloud

BackupHamster keeps a copy of your backups in a safe place in case of things go wrong. Read more

External Cloud Storage

BackupHamster supports leading cloud storage providers. Consult the FAQ for the complete list or Read more


Get essential insights on your backups. Read more

Faire suscriptions


With the yearly plan, you get a 30% discount! 🥳
At the checkout, you can select the discount.

The prices are per workspace per month. The coupon discount and the actual cost will be shown at the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Which cloud storage do you support?
At the moment, we support the leading cloud providers and protocols.
Google Drive, OneDrive, S3 Bucket, Azure Storage, Dropbox
Can I contact the BackupHamster team if I need help?

Of course! We are happy to find out how we can help you.

How does pricing work? Do I pay per user?

You have unlimited* seats. The subscriptions are assigned to workspaces.

Where are my backups stored?

An encrypted copy of the backups is stored on the BackupHamster Cloud. Depending on the subscription, the backups are stored in your choice’s cloud storage.

Can BackupHamster access all my files on my Google Drive or Dropbox?

No. We only request access to folders and files that BackupHamster needs to deliver the promised service.

Why are you saving a copy of the backups on the BackupHamster Cloud?

It can happen that the backup cannot be saved on the cloud storage. Maybe because there is no more space left or the service is down. That is why we keep a copy on the BackupHamster Cloud.

Can I restore my workspace automatically?

This feature is in closed beta. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us.

How often do you do backups?

The workspaces are backed up once a day. If you need shorter intervals, please contact us.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Every account gets a free trial. After you enter a subscription, you can cancel your subscription anytime. The subscription remains active until the active period ends.

What is included in the Full Backup?

BackupHamster downloads for you every possible data point possible. Since Notion does not grant access to every resource on its side, we cannot guarantee that some information is missing in the backups. If you miss something, email us, and we will find a solution.

A data loss is around the corner. Prepare yourself with BackupHamster