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Health Checks & Alerts

BackupHamster Feature


Monitoring the health and completeness of backups is vital for data security. Here’s why:


    1. Early Issue Detection: Regular monitoring allows you to spot problems like corrupted files or failed backups before they become critical, ensuring data integrity.
    2. Data Assurance: Checking completeness ensures that all essential data is being backed up, leaving no room for gaps or omissions.
    3. Timely Remediation: Identifying issues promptly means you can take immediate action to rectify problems, minimizing data loss and downtime.
    4. Preventing Data Loss: Monitoring safeguards against silent failures, which could lead to catastrophic data loss if left unchecked.
    5. Compliance: Many industries have legal requirements for data retention and protection. Monitoring helps you meet these compliance standards.
    6. Cost Efficiency: By addressing backup issues proactively, you save on potential recovery costs that could arise from incomplete or corrupted backups.

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